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Timing is Everything Now Available!

Timing is Everything
Written by: Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Timing is Everything is the first book in the award winning Taylor's Girls series written by New Mexico author Sabra Brown Steinsiek. Originally published in 2003 and then going out of print, we are happy to bringing this book, and the complete series - including new titles! - back into print.

None of us can tell when a chance meeting will change or lives. A brief encounter, quickly forgotten, could in another time of place become a defining moment that will change our lives forever.
Taylor Morgan - Broadway star. He is content with his life until he meets the woman who changes that contentment to an aching need.
Laura Collins - newspaper reporter. Her assignment to interview Taylor is the catalyst that forces her from the safe cocoon she has always known.
Annie Miller - Taylor's best friend. Facing a trauma that will ultimately tear her from her only child, she turns to Taylor for help.
Cary Edwards - television reporter. Handsome, ruthless, and cold, he doesn't care whom he steps on in his quest to reach the top.
A tale as old as time and as current as cyberspace; set in locales from Albuquerque to Italy, Tampa to Catalina Island; weaving together four lives through violence, love, and loss; proving that Timing Is Everything.
Winner of the New Mexico Book Award, a Lories Award, and the Jada Award.
Fullness of Time Now Available!

In The Fullness of Time

Beyond happily ever after, there is a life filled with passion and unexpected turns as the adventure truly begins. In this second book of the Taylor's Girls series, Taylor and Laura are facing a new beginning as Meg and Betta prepare to go off to college. Their plans are drastically changed as fate hands them an unimagined new development, one that will change their lives forever, bringing both joy and an unexpected crisis that will rock their world.

Dynasty of Dinosaurs Coming Soon!

A Dynasty of Dinosaurs: Coloring Book

A Dynasty of Dinosaurs has over 100 pages of cool dinosaurs to color and great facts about them and the world they lived in! Did you know, coloring is not just for the kids these days! Adults find coloring to be a great break for the brain. With a plethora of amazing dinosaur facts and illustrations to color, there’s no end to the fun!

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