Congratulations to Rosemary Zibart for her book True Brit - Beatrice, 1940; a 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Winner in the Historical Fiction categories.

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Dark Tales for Dark Nights Now Available!

Dark Tales for Dark Nights
Written by: Angella Jacob and Pierre C. Arseneault

Dark Tales for Dark Nights is a collection of six dark and unique short stories that explore the mysteries and suspenseful realm of fiction. Come explore the depths of our imaginations as our tales of mayhem, the supernatural and of legendary monsters leave you with a fright in the night!

Belle's Challenge Now Available!

Belle's Challenge

The last book in the Belle series, and the final book to be written by Connie Gotsch, Belle's Challenge completes the series featuring Belle, the young herding dog who found a new home and family and learned to become self-disciplined in the first two books of the series: Belle's Star and Belle's Trial.

Moving to New Mexico is quite a shock for Belle and her owner, Darcy Simmons; so very different from their home in Illinois. But Darcy and Belle quickly make new friends in their neighbors Susan and her Airedale Terrier, Jazzy. Life would be great in their new home, if it wasn't for the dog-hating girl across the way, Emily Robinson. If that wasn't bad enough for Belle, there's no agility club in town and Darcy starts training her and Buster to become therapy dogs, whatever that is.

Learning to be a therapy dog for Belle is so different than becoming a great agility dog, especially when she doesn't understand the importance. Buster seems to be a natural at it, and that irritates Belle even more. When Emily falsely accuses Belle of biting her, Belle's life takes a turn for the worse. Can Belle overcome the challenges of being a good therapy dog, while handling the meanness she and Darcy face from Emily?

Forced Journey Now Available!

Forced Journey: The Saga of Werner Berlinger

Escaping Nazi-controlled Germany, Werner struggles to create a new life in New York City. At least Werner had a goal - get a foothold in America; a place to live, a home. Then Father had promised that he and Werner's little sister would follow. This dimly burning ember of hope lit the boy's path. Along the way Werner meets a charming, mischievous fellow refugee named Anika, uses his fists with neighborhood bullies and makes a friend, Sam, while caring for his new Mutti, Esther. In Werner's struggle to find a safe home in the U.S.A., he travels across the city from Second Avenue to Central Park to Harlem and back again. Forced Journey: the Saga of Werner Berlinger was inspired by true accounts of children who fled Nazi-held Europe and came to America.

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