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Where Duty Calls Coming June 2022

Where Duty Calls

Two boys from different cultures, one a Texan, one a New Mexican, get caught up on opposite side of the US Civil War.
Freakshow Summer Coming July 2022

Freakshow Summer
A young teen lives among a carnival family in 1930's America but soon discovers that what he finds lovely and ordinary is considered grotesque and abominable by outsiders and must find his way in life among a world of human curiosities.
A Cowboy's Destiny Coming August 2022

A Cowboy's Destiny
In 1917 Charlie Kelly is tired of fixing everyone's problems, especially his father's. He heads to Oklahoma to become a "top hand" at the most famous ranch in the state. But Charlie's plan to be the best cowboy faces many challenges, especially when he falls in love with a married woman. Through it all Charlie learns what it takes to fulfill his destiny.

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I Have A Grandma Who I Have A Grandma Who...

Celebrate today's bold, active grandmothers as they share what they enjoy doing with their grandchilden.

The Last Professional The Last Professional

An American story! The Duke, near the end of his days, sees his way of life and the code he follows disappearing. Lynden is on the brink of a new beginning but cannot embrace it without confronting the traumas of his past. And a maniac is intent on destroying them both. Bonds are formed, secrets exposed, sacrifices made all against an American landscape of promise and peril. Three unforgettable characters, hurtling toward a climax where pasts and futures collide, and lives hang in the balance.

The Crossover Paradox The Crossover Paradox

At the Justice Academy, the galaxy's premier college for superheroes, a dark secret will force one student to race across the galaxy to defeat it. But cut off from all help can our hero trust an unexpected crossover? That paradox could kill him.
Dinosaurs Behaving Badly Dinosaurs Behaving Badly

Filled with the latest research on dinosaur behavior and with over 30 illustrations of dinosaurs that you can color! A science coloring book! Use every bit of your own creativity to bring the world of the dinosaurs back to life and see what you might learn in the process.

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