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Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Sabra Brown Steinsiek is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Carlsbad who now lives on the west side of Albuquerque with her husband, Will, and two cats, Elphaba Oz and Glinda the Good, and leads a rich, full, fantasy life. She is the mother of one son, Jared.

Sabra's life has been tied to books and libraries for her entire life. Reading before she started school, she was the regular winner of the summer reading programs in Carlsbad and, in high school, won an essay competition on "If I Ran The Library". And that's exactly what she grew up to do. After volunteer library positions in school, Sabra became the Children's librarian for Carlsbad Public Library from 1982-84. Her library career continued with positions in the Albuquerque Public Libraries (now ABC Libraries) and the Law and Medical Libraries at the University of New Mexico until her early retirement due to fibromyalgia in 2005, when she began writing full time.

Her first book, Timing Is Everything, was published in 2000, followed quickly by When That Time Comes, 'Til The End of Time, and Annie's Song, which were published by an independent press. All were winners or finalists in the New Mexico Book Awards.

In 2015 her publisher closed and her books were picked up by New Mexico's Artemesia Publishing, LLC for rewriting and republishing. The decision was made to extend the series by one book. After extensive rewriting and editing, the five book, Taylor's Girls Series was released with Timing Is Everything (2015-the 15th Anniversary Edition), In the Fullness of Time (2015), Time's Secrets (2015), 'Til The End Of Time (2016) and A Time For Love, (2017). The first three were also winners in The New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards with the final two scheduled for entry in the 2017 awards.

Sabra is also author, from various publishers, of three other books. Red Velvet Shoes: Contemporary Haiku (2005), The Lodge at Cloudcroft:100 Years of Hospitality (2011), and, "for children and those who have been children", The Tale of the Pronghorned Cantaloupe (2010-Rio Grande Books) which was also a New Mexico Book Award winner. She contributed a short story, The Phantom of Carlsbad Caverns to Voices of New Mexico (2011) and wrote a pamphlet, A Short Anecdotal History of the Lodge at Cloudcroft on the Occasion of her Centennial, June 1, 2011.

Currently, Sabra is at work on Mezzonotte: A Novel of Venice. Set in modern day and Renaissance Italy, it is the story of a love that's stronger than death. She was able to research the book on a dream trip to Venice, Italy in 2015.

Sabra is active in the New Mexico Book Coop and a member of EPIC (The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) and Author's. Den. Her books are available from her publishers, Amazon, and Independent bookstores in New Mexico and elsewhere.

Sabra is available for book talks to civic and social groups, book clubs, and classrooms.

Titles from Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing:

The Taylor's Girls Series:
Timing is Everything
In the Fullness of Time
Time's Secrets
Til the End of Time
A Time for Love

Titles published by other publishers

Red Velvet Shoes: Contemporary Haiku (2005)
The Lodge at Cloudcroft:100 Years of Hospitality (2011)
The Tale of the Pronghorned Cantaloupe (2010-Rio Grande Books)

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