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Timing is Everything

Book One of the Taylor's Girls Series

Timing is Everything
Author: Sabra Brown Steinsiek
ISBN: 9781932926392 - Paperback
ISBN: 9781932926590 - eBook
Pages: 333
Price: $16.99
Publication Date: June 30, 2015

None of us can tell when a chance meeting will change or lives. A brief encounter, quickly forgotten, could in another time of place become a defining moment that will change our lives forever.
Taylor Morgan - Broadway star. He is content with his life until he meets the woman who changes that contentment to an aching need.
Laura Collins - newspaper reporter. Her assignment to interview Taylor is the catalyst that forces her from the safe cocoon she has always known.
Annie Miller - Taylor's best friend. Facing a trauma that will ultimately tear her from her only child, she turns to Taylor for help.
Cary Edwards - television reporter. Handsome, ruthless, and cold, he doesn't care whom he steps on in his quest to reach the top.
A tale as old as time and as current as cyberspace; set in locales from Albuquerque to Italy, Tampa to Catalina Island; weaving together four lives through violence, love, and loss; proving that Timing Is Everything.

E-Book version now available!
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Winner of the New Mexico Book Award, a Lories Award, and the Jada Award.

2015 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for Romance and Fiction eBook.

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