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Authors: Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee

ISBN: 978-1-932926-49-1 - Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-932926-50-7 - eBook
Publication Date: February 14, 2018
Price: $15.95
Pages: 216

Yesterday morning my life was great; I had a new job and a beautiful girlfriend. Then I end up in the middle of a gunfight, my girlfriend dies, and I find out that not just one, but two of the biggest gangsters in Chicago are both after me to steal the same thing for them from the Feds. What the hell is happening to me?

In 1920s Chicago, postal employee Saul Imbierowicz is unwittingly swept up in a city-wide conflict between rival gangs, federal agents, and supernatural forces beyond his control.

After striking out on his own from his overbearing Jewish family, Saul quickly becomes involved with the seductive and mysterious Moira. He soon becomes mixed up in the events of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, witnessing the shooting and fleeing from the scene after Moira takes a bullet and is presumed dead.

However, Moira is far from dead, and due to her influence Saul finds himself increasingly entangled in the rival factions seeking control over the city, coming face to face with Bugs Moran, Al Capone, and the federal agents pursuing both.

Everybody wants something from Saul, but will he be able to save himself and his family, and uncover the supernatural secrets of the city, before it's too late?


Publishers Weekly: Tangent Games cofounders Habiger and Kissee kick off their supernatural noir series with this slim, atmospheric entry, which begins, "Al Capone murdered me tonight." After that deathbed declaration, Saul Imbierowicz narrates events leading up to his murder, beginning when his girlfriend Moira is killed in the crossfire of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Saul has no time to grieve; as a newly hired postal service worker, he has an opportunity to steal evidence from the Feds that might incriminate Capone, and if he doesn't do it, rival gangsters will execute his family. Bad turns weird when Moira rises from the dead and a "love bite" becomes something more. The premise invokes classic black-and-white noir, while lurid supernatural details add a touch of blood red. The story is grounded in Jewish culture, and readers unfamiliar with Yiddish may occasionally struggle, as it's liberally peppered throughout the narrative. The setup for a sequel is intriguing and will keep readers coming back for more of Saul's supernatural adventures.

Clarion Review: Unremarkable is a thrilling gangland drama that reveals unexpected supernatural depths.

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Pulp Fiction Reviews - Ron Fortier Unremarkable is a really fun read that will keep readers guessing from chapter to chapter.

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US Review of Books This book creates historical fiction with a pulse -- and a crime drama that embraces the impossible -- blending it all together into a truly well-balanced and entertaining read.

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Readers' Favorite ...a brilliant and chilling supernatural adventure set in the wintry streets of nineteen-twenties Chicago.

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2018 New Mexico/Arizon Book Award Finalist - Ebook (Fiction)

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