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Robert Skead

Robert Skead is the author of several popular children's books, including the American Revolutionary War Adventure series: Patriots, Recoats & Spies and Submarines, Secrets, and a Daring Rescue; Links to Liberty--Defending the Great Chain at West Point (Knox Press). Also several popular sports books for children: Something to Prove: the Great Satchel Paige versus the Rookie Joe DiMaggio (Lerner Publishing), Mighty Mike Bounces Back (Magination Press); Hitting Glory - A Baseball Bat Adventure; Safe at Home-A Baseball Card Mystery (Cross Training Publishing) and many others.

When he is not at work or crafting stories, Robert can often be found at schools speaking with children and adults about creative writing and the importance of discovering one's talents for a fulfilled life. Through these author visits, Robert speaks to more than 5,000 students per year.

Titles from Robert Skead

Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing:

The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record

Other Titles from Robert Skead:
Something to Prove, the Great Satchel Paige versus the Rookie Joe DiMaggio
Patriots, Redcoats & Spies
Submarines, Secrets and a Daring Rescue
Links to Liberty-Defending the Great Chain at West Point
Safe at Home
Hitting Glory
Mighty Mike Bounces Back
Elves Can't Dunk
Elves Can't Kick
Elves Can't Tackle
The Turkey Bowl

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