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Freakshow Summer

Freakshow Summer

Freakshow Summer

Author: Anthony Bartley
ISBN: 9781951122362 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781951122508 (ebook)
Publication Date: July 12, 2022
Price: $14.95
Pages: 316

Among the freaks and misfits of Oliver Neil's Marvelous Carnival, thirteen-year-old Manny Dobra longs to find his place. Orphaned as a baby he's been raised by the bearded woman, the alligator man, and the Leprechaun Family. Manny is a skilled artist, but he lives in the shadow of his deceased father's own talent. A new summer of promise is soon spoiled by the arrival of Ron the bully and the Oldies - the Order of the Lions' Den - hellbent on wiping out all carnivals. Manny realizes that what he finds lovely and ordinary is considered grotesque and abominable to the outside world. With the help of his friends Nickel, Margot, and Penny, Manny begins to traverse the tricky road of life, finding his footing in a world of human curiosities, both the beautiful and the ugly.

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Reviews and Endorsements

"Freakshow Summer is full of characters you are not likely to meet on the street, but I'm glad I met Moptop, Nickel Leprechaun, Harriet the Bearded Lady, and Yuri the Himalayan Yeti in Tony Bartley's rewarding story.

Thirteen-year-old orphan Manny Dobra joins a traveling carnival. He becomes Moptop and his best friend is Nickel, part of the Leprechaun Family-The Smallest Family in Show Business. Although set in the Depression era, Manny encounters situations familiar to young people today: boyfriend-girlfriend jealousies, bullying, prejudice against anyone "different," and a yearning for home, love, and friendship.

I loved Freakshow Summer, full of carnival thrills, endearing characters, and a reassuring ending that despite differences, we each have our talents to contribute.

Vicky Ramakka, author of The Cactus Plot, award-winning environmental mystery.


2022 Moonbeam Silver Winner for Pre-Teen Fiction - Historical/Cultural
2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Finalist Children's/Juvenile (Fiction)
2023 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards Finalist - Juvenile
2023 CIPA EVVY Award - Finalist, Juvenile Fiction (Middle Grade ages 10-14)
2023 CIPA EVVY Award - Silver Winner, Juvenile Fiction (Middle Grade ages 10-14)

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