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Fear of the Minister's Justice

Fear of the Minister's Justice

Fear of the Minister's Justice
Authors: Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee

ISBN: 9781951122423 - Paperback
ISBN: 9781951122485 - eBook
Publication Date: October 18, 20202
Price: $17.95
Pages: 376

An assassin stalks Tenyl's streets, and Seeker Ansee Carya is his next target.

Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria has thrown herself into her work with a passion. Some think it's become an obsession, as Reva's addiction to the stimulant Wake worsens. Tensions are high, as Reva and Ansee investigate a murderer targeting the city's sorcerers. Once the serial killer is stopped, Reva doesn't rest, and instead begins working with Sucra Inquisitor Amalaki to uncover a plot against the royal family in the Nul Pfeta slums. Meanwhile, LCI Betulla makes dramatic changes to the Constabulary that rips Reva's team apart. As Constables Ghrellstone and Gania are reassigned to Nul Pfeta, more sorcerers are killed, their bodies displayed to taunt Reva and Ansee. Is this the work of a copycat, or something more nefarious? As Reva and Amalaki close in on the Nul Pfeta conspirators, Ansee must confront an assassin who wants him dead, along with anyone else who gets in the way.

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