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Dark Tales for Dark Nights

Dark Tales for Dark Nights
Shadow Dragon Press

Authors: Angella Jacob, Pierre C. Arseneault

ISBN: 978-1-932926-21-7
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: March 5, 2013
Price: $8.99
Pages: 90

Dark Tales for Dark Nights is a collection of six dark and unique short stories that explore the mysteries and suspenseful realm of fiction. Come explore the depths of our imaginations as our tales of mayhem, the supernatural and of legendary monsters leave you with a fright in the night!

Read part of the first story of the book here!

E-Book version now available!
Dark Tales for Dark Nights is now available as a downloadable e-book from Amazon Kindle.

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Angela Yuriko Smith, author of End of Mae

“The stories are amazing.”

Sarah Butland, author of Blood Day

“Dark Tales for Dark Nights, the first book by collaborative Canadian authors Pierre C Arsenault and Angella Jacob, is sure to impress all kinds of readers with its imaginative and creative genius. Each story sucked me in with its normalcy and made me jump with its sudden twist into darkness.”

Natalie Bowley, review on Goodreads

“Dark Tales for Dark Nights is a well-written gem that keeps you guessing with its brilliant twists and turns! With its interesting characters, original plots and vivid imagery, this book is well worth a read! But maybe keep the lights on...”


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