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Belle's Trial

Belle's Trial

Belle's Trial
Author: Connie Gotch

Illustrator: John Cogan

ISBN: 9781932926125 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781932926149 (ebook)
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: November 2010
Price: $8.99
Pages: 152

Belle wishes she didn't understand people language, especially words like sit, stay, and come. Those commands take the fun out of being a pet. Worse, Belle's owner Darcy is so busy with school, soccer, and singing that she hardly has time to play with Belle. In search of fun, Belle digs out of the yard, knocks over waste baskets, and encourages Darcy's other dog Buster into all kinds of mischief. Darcy's furious parents threaten to find a new home for the disobedient dog.

Darcy enrolls Belle in agility training to teach her discipline. Determined to stay with her beloved mistress, Belle takes on the challenging sport, discovering along the way that discipline means far more than an angry word. It means coping with Big Toby, her former tormentor, and keeping an eye out for Bonehead, Toby's cruel father, and mastering the terrifying agility obstacle, the teeter totter.

Can she focus her new found discipline to overcome her fear and succeed?

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E-Book version now available!
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Micah Andrew, Midwest Book Review
A partnership of master and pet is one that has much to teach us all involved. "Belle's Trail" tells the story of Belle and Darcy, a human/canine pair who ffind themselves in agility training. Belle the dog has a lot asked of her and learns much of discipline. A fun read for any pet lover, "Belle's Trail" is a thoughtful and very highly recommended read.


2011 Silver Award Winner, Mom's Choice Awards

First Place, Children's Fiction Category, 2011 New Mexico Press Women Communication Contest

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