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Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx

Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx

Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx

Author: Roy White with Paul Semendinger
ISBN: 9781951122577 (cloth)
ISBN: 9781951122324 (ebook)
Cover Photo by Michael Grossbardt (used with permission)
Publication Date: April 11, 2023
Price: $29.95
Pages: 272

A young man from Compton rises to the highest levels of baseball greatness.

Roy White played on the New York Yankees from 1965 through the 1979 season. Roy grew up on the tough streets of Compton and created a successful all-star baseball career playing alongside such greats as Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford, Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, and many others. Today Roy White sits among the greatest all-time Yankees in most offensive categories. After his career with the Yankees, Roy White became a star in Japan playing for the Tokyo Giants and playing alongside the greatest Japanese player of all time Sadaharu Oh.

Considered one of the classiest baseball players ever, this is Roy White's story, but it's also the story of a unique period in baseball history when the Yankees fell from grace and regained glory and the country dealt with societal changes in many ways.

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Row White high school baseball
Roy White with Mickey Mantle
Roy White gets a basehit
Roy White bats in 1978 world series

Reviews and Endorsements

"Roy White is as dignified a Yankee as there has ever been, one of the many reasons a generation of fans (myself included) grew up imitating his stance. Paul Semendinger does a masterful job capturing the essence of the great left fielder. This is a must-read about the most underrated Yankee of all time."

Ian O'Connor, four-time New York Times bestselling author of The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter

"Reading Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx is like sitting in a comfortable leather recliner with a cold beverage, listening intently as the Yankee star shares his life story. His rise to stardom was at times a long slog, but determination and moral courage eventually won out. When I put this book down, I knew that what this world needs is more men like Roy White, not just as athletes but as inspirations for future generations."

Alan D. Gaff, author of Lou Gehrig: The Lost Memoir and Field of Corpses

"Roy White traversed a path through the baseball world unlike any other before or since. From Compton to the Bronx is the expertly-told story of his fascinating baseball journey and a portrait of the American dream itself."

Daniel R. Epstein, Co-Director of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America

"Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx reads the way Roy played the game: with class, professionalism and a love for baseball -- and no theatrics, braggadocio, scandals or egomania. Kudos to White and Paul Semendinger for telling White's story in a conversational, insightful, fun style. As a Kansas City Royals fan, Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx makes me feel kinda bad for rooting so hard against him all those years."

Johnny D. Boggs, author of Sports on Film: Hollywood History and the "Baseball Westerns" Camp Ford, The Kansas City Cowboys and Buckskin, Bloomers and Me

"Yankee fans who grew up in the 1970s love Roy White because of the way he played the game and carried himself. Reading Roy White's story gives fan's an even deeper appreciation for the man behind the Number 6, how he overcame adversities and became a champion--and doing it all with class and humility that make him a true role model. This is a terrific read filled with great memories that truly inspire."

Robert Skead, author of Something to Prove, the Great Satchel Paige Versus the Rookie Joe DiMaggio.

"Whitey Ford called Roy White 'the most underrated and underappreciated Yankee of all-time.' White could hit, get on base, steal, score a lot of runs and masterfully patrol left field. He is one of the few players to spend 15 seasons with the Yankees. He played in 1,881 games, 7th all-time among Yankees. He also played in three World Series (1976, 1977 and 1978).

Never a flashy or vocal player, White's value to the Yankees was often overlooked. He was quiet, professional and classy. Author Paul Semendinger, and others, make the point that White deserves a spot in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium.

From Compton to the Bronx provides insights into White and his career with the Yankees as a player, coach and executive, as well as his rise through the minors while battling racism and his three-year stint playing for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan.

As a result of this autobiography, White, hopefully, will receive the recognition he deserves."

Barry Sparks, author of Frank Home Run Baker: Hall of Famer and World Series Hero

"The Red Sox' succession of left fielders-Ted, Yaz, Rice, Manny- is well-known. But their Yankee counterparts? Not so much. But now, thanks to Paul Semendinger, we get the autobiography of Roy White, the gentlemanly All-Star who for years graced the vast acreage of Yankee Stadium's outfield. There may be a lot to learn about this overlooked position in Yankee history, but Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx is a damn good place to start."

David Ostrowsky, Atlanta Jewish Times

"More than the autobiography of a great player, a revealing portrait of a great man, and a paean to dedication, hard work, and decency."

JB Manheim, author of The Cooperstown Trilogy

"The Baseball Gods must have loved watching Roy White play the game of baseball. I really enjoyed reading this book!"

Jonathan A. Fink, author of The Baseball Gods are Real and The Republic Baseball League

"These fascinating stories, rare historic photos and amazing little-known facts about one of the Top 10 Yankees of all-time, Yankee Legend Roy White, will astonish you. Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx, an autobiography, is a best-seller in the making. It's the perfect gift for major baseball fans worldwide. Fact: After the 1973 season, karate-do became Roy's secret 'confidence' weapon during off-season training. This page-turner is filled with lots of ah-hah moments and feel-good conversations with Yankee greats such as Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Willie Randolph, Goose Gossage, Thurman Munson, and many others. This book is a valuable keepsake and grand-slam homerun!"

Grandmaster Andrew Linick, Publisher: Official Karate Mag., Martial Arts Pioneer, The U.S. Ambassador of Karate´┐Ż, and International Best-Selling Author: Nunchaku, Karate's Deadliest Fighting Sticks, 3rd Edition.

"In Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx, we get the inside story from someone who experienced the highs and lows of being a Yankee like few others. This honest, revealing autobiography tells the story of one of the most underappreciated players in New York baseball history, while adding insight from those who know him best. Whether you remember watching games from the Bronx Zoo era or have only recently come to enjoy the game, this book is a must for any baseball fan."

Chris Donnelly, author of Doc, Donnie, the Kid, and Billy Brawl: How the 1985 Mets and Yankees Fought For New York's Baseball Soul

Awards and Recognitions

2023 Best Baseball Books of the Year List - Dan Schlossberg
2023 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards Finalist - Sports/Recreation
2023 CIPA EVVY Award - Finalist, Biography/Autobiography/Memoir-General/Historical
2023 CIPA EVVY Award - Bronze Winner, Biography/Autobiography/Memoir-General/Historical

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