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Oakwood Island: The Awakening

Oakwood Island: The Awakening

Oakwood Island: The Awakening
Shadow Dragon Press

Authors: Angella Cormier, Pierre C Arseneault

ISBN: 978-1-951122-03-4 - Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-951122-04-1 - eBook

Publication Date: April 14, 2020
Price: $15.95
Pages: 238

A community beset by an ancient curse and stricken from within by an unseen terror is about to face evil once more.

Five years have passed since several mysterious deaths shocked the residents of Oakwood Island. Life seems to be back to normal until a gruesome new discovery shatters the complacency and forces the residents to seek answers.

Scott Cudmore, a loving foster father, tries to come to terms that his twins may be hiding a sinister secret, one carried down for generations. Scott will stop at nothing to protect his kids, but will they let him?

Detective Burke finds himself chasing clues to the five-year-old cold cases that he hopes will finally solve the mystery of Oakwood Island. But with new discoveries come old wounds. Will Burke be able to put aside his own past to solve the current mystery?

As for Jack Whitefeather, he is caught between his good-natured spirit and the reality of the evil that seems to plague Oakwood Island. Jack seeks answers from within and from his ancestors, but the truth of what he must do shakes him to his very core. Can Jack find the courage to save everyone on Oakwood Island?


Review by Sarah Butland

While this is the sequel to Oakwood Island, it has been awhile since I read the first book and it all came flooding back. I also realized reading the first book beforehand wouldn’t be necessary to the understanding (?) of this story though it’s recommended.

The mysteries of Oakwood Island go far beyond what one can even imagine… or rather, what the reader can. The writers, New Brunswick duo Cormier and Arsenault, masterfully told a wicked tale of revenge, salvation and simple survival. In the end, the authors compared their story to a snowball rolling down a hill as the details and speculations continued to grow, turning some short stories by Cormier into two novels by the pair.

The characters, though real and likeable, almost taunted me with their stories, wanting me to connect with them as I hesitated, expecting them of being killed off or doing the killing themselves. The story which brought them all together as tightly as it strangled them, was well written and, once again, reminded me of Stephen King like gore.

From the conclusion, gruesome was exactly what they were looking for as the authors set this book up with a promise for a third.

Not for the faint of heart, as some of the characters realize, Oakwood Island: The Awakening is a story that will give you nightmares and warm your heart. It will also make your eyes itch but I’ll say no more.


Finalist 2020 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards - Fiction Other

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